Ageism: Reflections on the Oscar Season

As I write this, in March 2023, we have just had the most recent iteration of the Oscars and there has been some backslapping, I would say, about the fact that an older woman has won an Oscar.  It is very interesting to see the way that awareness of promoting older women has grown within the acting community.  Coincidentally, I listened this morning to Desert Island Discs, the Michael Caine celebration, where he was talking about his life and his continuing role as an actor into his late eighties, early nineties.

Adaptability Character – Motivation Style

Within the AQai adaptability framework, a key dimension is Character.  Character is your preference for a particular way of responding to the challenge of change.  One of the things that AQai feels it’s important to measure is your Motivation Style.  As with all the character traits, there’s no right answer or wrong answer.  Motivation Style is measured across a spectrum where at one end you have those who prefer to ‘Play to Win’, and at the other end, a preference to ‘Play to Protect’