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Steve Parr - ALUMNUS

A picture of Steve Parr, A Portfolio Executive
  • Specialism: Medtech, healthcare, d-health, business growth, R&D grant funding, B2B sales, CEO/Board advice and sounding board, market access, unparalleled senior network, company funding, business development
  • Track Record: NHS, SBRI Healthcare, Wessex AHSN, Serco Consulting, Equiteq, many leading specialist tech SMEs and consultancies
  • Offer: Strategic growth planning and execution, CxO coaching, challenge and mentoring, sales planning and execution, value propositions and the Go-to-Market, raising investment funding
  • Steve says: “”If you’re looking to grow your (B2B) SME rapidly and profitably, we should probably have a chat.””
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The frustration of corporate life and the lack of opportunity to add real value to clients was my primary motivation for starting out as Portfolio Executive.

Back in the Noughties, I was talking to Spencer Stuart, the executive search firm, about their roles and my desire to ‘go portfolio’. One of their clients, Greenwich Consulting, was seeking a Director with business development experience to grow the business and also to deliver work. Spencer Stuart realised that what they really needed was a fractional business development expert … and the rest is history!

Signing up as Greenwich Consulting’s Business Development Director and working extremely closely with them for more than 2 and a half years was a great initial success for me. I have many happy memories of quarterly gatherings around Europe, from Istanbul to Stockholm. My first commercial success for Greenwich was closing their first business with BT. (Greenwich was acquired by Ernst and Young.)

I’ve learnt many things whilst adopting this workstyle. What stands out is the paramount need to listen hard at all times, co-create the best solutions / initiatives / campaigns in partnership with clients and be completely open, clear and honest

As the technology/digital wave continues to transform sectors, clients need the best bespoke support and guidance in order to differentiate themselves in crowded noisy marketplaces, and to provide their customers with optimal solutions. It’s great to be able to give a portfolio of clients exactly the growth solutions they need and to deliver them in ways that clients prefer. 

Steve has now taken up a new exciting full-time role heading up an exciting area in healthcare.