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Rob Nicholls

Rob Nicholls
  • Specialism: Strategic Advisor, CFO/FD & NED to SME looking to expand margins, improve profitability, increase sales and to create value
  • Track Record: FD Motorola Middle East, Africa & Northern Europe, FD Space & Satellite Division, CFO Cullinan Studio, CFO & Strategic Advisor West Country Tech, CFO & Strategic Advisor Dr Logic
  • Offer: I help business and leadership team to scale, improve margins & profitability, expand into new markets and create value to enable successful exits. I partner with Business Leaders seeking to grow through innovative strategies, partnerships & collaboration. Helping business to achieve their mission & vision and enabling SME owners to do more of what they want to whilst scaling great businesses.
  • Rob says: “Partnering with to you scale your business, create value through expanded margins & profits, to enable business success”
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Whilst living in the USA, I realized I could do more than support one employer and decided to support many.  Often, businesses can’t afford or don’t need a full-time CFO or Advisor, but they do need the skills, knowledge and experiences I can bring to a business. Often this takes the form of a Non-Executive Director & Advisor role, and/or CFO and trusted business partner.

Following my return to the UK in 2019, I joined a team of South West CFO’s to support SME’s in the region.  I quickly realized that for my skill set location was of little relevance and began taking clients in London and elsewhere in the U.K.  Having developed a portfolio of SME’s in various industries, I have expanded my work to include Strategy and Operations beyond Finance support and Advisory work as a NED.

I recently handled a South West based SME client’s sale of a stake in their business to a large regional retailer, enabling the owner to gain financial independence. My personal approach is built around determining my clients’ goals and ambitions and then strategizing how to help them achieve those objectives. Moreover, while living in the USA, I grew a number of technology businesses for sale and acquisition to other companies as an Advisor and CFO. I love to support and enable business owners to create value in their business and to scale them to their ambition.

Along the way, I’ve learnt that building relationships can take time and it has to be the right time to engage. Knowing, liking and, in time, trusting, plus ensuring a good cultural fit with the business owner and leadership team can ensure long-term success. Partnering for the longer term is key, I don’t work with a leader or leadership team for a few weeks, we partner and develop the business over months and years.

After 30 years in global finance, living and working in the USA, UK and having grown businesses in EMEA, it’s time to give back to UK-based SMEs that need the advice, support, experience, knowledge and business know-how to successfully scale businesses. I am capable of crafting the unique strategy to help guide businesses to scale quickly & profitably, whilst creating enduring longer-term value.

I look forward to continuing to work with dynamic, growth-oriented business leaders to enable them to achieve the success of their business goals.  I commit to only working with a small number of clients at any one time to ensure each gets the advice and close counsel needed. In doing so, I can ensure that I am as available to them as needed to achieve their business ambitions.