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Rachel Barford - ALUMNUS

Picture of Rachel Barford, A Portfolio Executive
  • Specialism: Business Administration, Project Management, Coaching, Quality Assurance and Improvement
  • Track Record: De Montfort University, Destiny Coaching Ministries, CJ Learning Technologies, FuturePerfect Company
  • Offer: Build, develop and implement administrative processes to take away the administrative burden from business owners. Taking oversight for the administrative function, I help organisations to operate in a streamlined and efficient manner, providing excellent customer experience and peace of mind for the business owners. Ability to find flexible solutions to issues and use processes to prevent issues developing.
  • Rachel says: “I bring hope and freedom to the way your business operates”
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After leaving full-time, permenant salaried employment to care for my family, I was reluctant to return to the inflexible nature of that environment, but keen to continue to build something that reflected my skills and passions.

Having completed a 9 month coaching programme I was keen to build those skills into a business offering, alongside my previously honed high level administration skills. My first role turned into an employed position which ultimately ended in redundancy, but provided great networking opportunities including meeting Charles. I set up two aspects of my offer, Hope-filled Lives Coaching and HFL (Hope-filled Lives) Business Solutions.

Charles approached me with regards to taking over some of the administrative function for FuturePerfect. As that role developed, additional contacts requested work, which has allowed me to work for more than one client, with discrete projects to manage as well as oversight of administrative functions and the development of new skills.

The things i find easy and take for granted are not always obvious or easy for others. For me breaking down issues, finding solutions and building approptiate process to encourage consistency and development is like second nature. Therefore, what i bring to the table is of huge value to others, even though sometimes it feels like i’m just turning up and being me. The insight i bring, along with the coaching culture i foster, can really bring freedom and release for the clients i work for.

Flexibility and variety are key for me. I currently have two clients that I work for, totalling around 15-20 hours per week. I work from home, have freedom to choose when and how i work, can adapt for different situations or the needs of my family. I’ve worked through lockdown, whilst also looking after 4 children and part-time home schooling, plus setting up a jewellery making business, and being able to take on private coaching clients as i wish. 

As I continue to develop my client, and as my family continue to mature and become more self-sufficient, I’m looking forward to developing this workstyle with more of a coaching in business focus so that i’m using all of my skills the majority of the time.