The Portfolio Executives

Peter Bricknell

Picture of Peter Bricknell, A Portfolio Executive
  • Specialism: IT Advisory, Programme Definition, Product Strategy, Product Management, Leadership Development
  • Track Record: Previously worked with organisations like Microsoft, the Bank of England, Santander, B&Q and others.
  • Offer: Help businesses define and shape their product portfolio to meet customer needs and provide a profitable business.
  • Peter says: “I help CEOs get a grip of their product portfolio and build the capability to deliver stronger commercial success.”
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Often clients need a kick start, shaping and monitoring change that isn’t a full time senior requirement. A portfolio executive workstyle gives me the chance to offer multiple clients that service at the same time, whilst giving me the variety of work each week.

I started on the traditional ‘all or nothing’ contracting circuit, and with advice and support from Charles I was in a better place to reshape this to working for fun and exciting part-time clients.

I had been told ‘never start by asking for a job’ but tap your network to ask people who they might know for my skills. My first coffee with an ex-client resulted in them saying, I should meet their boss, and that resulted in my first client.

I’ve learned the ability to say ‘no’ to work that doesn’t excite me, rather than chasing every pound and I’ve become more confident in running my own business – marketing, finance, payroll, tax etc – which means I understand what it is like to be a SME CEO, as well as working in corporate world. I can be more honest with a client because my whole income isn’t dependent on giving them the easy answers. I can work with multiple clients and still have the space for other work.

I am looking for more annuity business so that I have certainty of the basics, and can have the rest as fun new work.