The Portfolio Executives

Peter Baynes

Picture of Peter Baynes
  • Specialism: Marketing advisor, mentor and trainer, helping build your marketing capability
  • Track Record: I work with mostly technical and consultancy companies serving niche markets. As a business partner in a marketing agency, I helped IBM and Microsoft value added resellers develop effective marketing programmes.
  • Offer: Through a series of workshops and guided programmes, coupled with ongoing mentoring and advice, I help business owners develop the marketing capability to step-up to their next level of growth.
  • Peter says: “If you are uncertain about how you can scale up and maintain marketing momentum, I can help you plan and priortise your marketing investment.”
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I enjoy the challenge of working with different busineses, and to apply core marketing principles to help their business grow. It also provides me opportunity to share my learning, knowledge and experience with others.

I was already freelancing and doing a variety of marketing consulting and training roles when I met Charles McLachlan at FuturePerfect. He helped frame what I was already doing in a better way after that getting started was just talking to people and networking with a clearer proposition.  

My first success was when preparation met opportunity – the definition of luck I think. I reconnected with an old contact who was looking to step up his nascent business, and my approach just slotted in perfectly to his need.

Along the way I have learnt that to learn you have to be open-minded. Professionals who are willing to examine themselves and their business critically and objectively will benefit the most.

Currently, I have a small number of clients where I feel my services are adding real value, and are appreciated. I have time to continue my learning and development, which in turn helps my clients. As I move forward with my Portfolio Executive workstyle I hope to do more of the same, and continue to help ambitious business owners.