The Portfolio Executives

Paul Hewitt

A picture of Paul Hewitt, A Portfolio Executive
  • Specialism: Growth Strategy; Marketing & Business Develoment; Partnerships; Luxury Brands; Insights into High Net Worth Clients
  • Track Record: LVMH; Christie’s; Jardine Matheson; Art Dubai; Rusthall Lodge Care Home
  • Offer: Business Advisory – setting and, when appropriate, delivering sustainable growth strategies strategies ; Good Governence
  • Paul says: “I help companies and organisations build resilience by identifying new opportunities”

I became a Portfolio Executive as I wanted to be able to work in areas that are important to me; to give something back to the wider community and to have a better work life balance.

After my last full time executive role was made redundant in mid-2017 I set up my own consulting company and found clients through my network; I also started volunteering for organisations in my local community.

My first success was realising that I had recalibrated my traditional measures of success: money and corporate status) on finding a deep and rewarding satisfaction in starting new hobbies, in volunteer roles and the new relationships and opportunities that came with them.

Some key things that I have learnt are resilience (from being turned down for multiple roles) and the importance of keeping learning & experimenting (especially with new technologies) to ensure adaptability for the future and in times of uncertainty.

Portfolio working is still relatively new for me – I  feel stimulated by the people I am meeting and issues that I am working on. The trick will be to sustain this feeling of stimulation as I continue. I’d love to develop a more balanced portfolio:  I am learning a lot and giving back through my volunteer Trustee roles – I would now like to try and apply these new found skills and experiences to earn something.