The Portfolio Executives

Nicola Vidal

  • Specialism: Marketing Audit, Strategic marketing planning, Growth marketing, Organisation design and resourcing, Brand strategy and positioning, Sales and marketing alignment, Demand generation
  • Track Record: uSwitch, Wonga, Sky, Lebara, giffgaff, ClearScore, VibePay, Kroo Bank, My Black Dog
  • Offer: Fractional Marketing Leadership Imagine having a seasoned marketing professional embedded within your organisation, seamlessly working alongside your teams as your CMO, bridging any gaps in leadership. That’s where I come in. As your fractional CMO, I offer flexible arrangements, dedicating one to three days a week for a duration of three to six months, tailored to suit your needs and goals. Marketing Advisory for more targeted challenges, such as aligning sales and marketing efforts or restructuring.
  • Nicola says: “
    I’m Nicola, a Fractional Marketing Consultant dedicated to helping startups like yours grow. With 24 years of experience, I’ve mastered the art of crafting strategies that unlock rapid growth within your budget.”
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There were many motivations that led me to fully commit to a portfolio executive role. I was particularly drawn to the flexibility that would allow me to adapt my schedule and the scope of projects. Being able to work for a diverse pool of brands, allowing me to grow as a marketer, was an influencing factor. The opportunity to finally become my own boss, with the chance to work on my terms, pushed me forward.
I was excited about exploring new industries that were unknown to me and offered a chance to learn. Most importantly, however, was the sense of actual impact on the organisations and the industry, which offered a sense of purpose that was lacking in my previous role.
I finished my full-time job working for a new bank in September. It had been quite gruelling, and I realised I hadn’t enjoyed the experience. I started thinking, ‘What next? Should I look for another CMO role? Should I take some time off?’ It was a former colleague who planted the seed of moving towards a portfolio executive role. At first, I had self-doubt. Was it too risky? Then I thought, why not? I’ve worked for a variety of industries and brands and succeeded, so why not go solo? A few weeks later, I chose a brand name and registered my limited company.
Through my network, I was referred to a tech company that was on the cusp of launching a new product and needed to gain visibility for their brand, as well as support for their first funding round. My role there was to establish marketing foundations, support the sales team with lead generation, assist the senior team with applying for a business grant, and work on an investment deck.
Over the last few months as a fractional CMO, I’ve learned a lot! A key thing is how important it is to be flexible and quick on your feet, especially when dealing with different industries and clients. Every project is different, needing its own special approach. It’s taught me to think smart and act fast, no matter what gets thrown at you. Working closely with various teams has shown me how crucial it is to communicate well and build solid relationships. When everyone’s on the same page, amazing things can happen! Plus, I’ve also realised how vital it is to keep learning and stay updated on the latest trends in marketing.