The Portfolio Executives

Nick Griffith

  • Specialism: Lead Generation Expert, Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation.
  • Track Record: Future Perfect, SW Clinics, AS Associates, MindSpace Coaching, Accenture, Aviva.
  • Offer: I design, build and manage marketing solutions which increase enquiries, at low costs. I work with small business owners across multiple sectors from B2B and B2C. Solutions include engagement quizzes, traffic generation from Ads and building follow up funnels to increase conversions into sales.
  • Nick says: “I build solutions that help you create more new enquiries from your budget. I take nothing upfront – subscription only starts once results start coming in. It’s a no-brainer.”
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The Portfolio Executive workstyle is the opportunity to use and share my combined marketing knowledge over 20 years across a wider set of clients. It’s about using each hour of my time wisely so clients make the most of my experience and my value per hour increases, so I don’t have to work as many hours to earn the same as before.

I got started after meeting with Charles and finding out more about the opportunities. After 20 years I knew I had built up experience, but I was at a point where I was impatient to do more across a wider range of clients.

My first success was advising on the implementation of a marketing funnel for a Harley Street Doctor. My remit covered traffic, engagement and follow up. After 1 year I saw enquiries go up 300% and sales double to take the business to nearly £2M per year.

Along the way I’ve learned that I knew more than I thought, but that I always continue to learn. In fact, when my knowledge is put into place in new businesses, this is where I sometimes learn the most. It’s never OK to rest on your laurels of what you already know, there is more to learn, or to stay up to date with.

It’s working for me now by helping me to expand the reach of who I’m able to work with and get fairly rewarded for it. I’m hoping to continue the journey, meet new people, work with new businesses and continue to learn more about digital marketing – and use this current knowledge to help businesses to move forward quicker and save on costs.