The Portfolio Executives

Mark Peers

Mark Peers
  • Specialism: International strategy development, leadership team development, commercial sales, operations management, business management, supply chain optimisation, market analysis, and financial stewardship.
  • Track Record: President/CEO of Intelligent Inventory Management at SupplyPoint/Touchpoint, Value Added Services Director at Brammer/Rubix, Premier Farnell, Travis Perkins, BSS Group, Buck & Hickman
  • Offer: Working with businesses and leadership teams to make a difference operationally, commercially and with your people ensuring all parties benefit from the world of business (Stakeholders, Customers, Suppliers and Employees).
  • Mark says: “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” from Leonardo da Vinci – so true.”
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I wanted to work as a Portfolio Executive because I have a desire to work with and impact a variety of organisations across multiple sectors and in different roles. Helping businesses to deliver on their potential and overcome the day to day or longer-term strategic challenges. Working with businesses within one of my sectors of expertise enabled me to build up the skill sets and methodologies to operate as a portfolio executive as opposed to operating in a full time and permanent role.

My first success was unblocking the route to market in a challenging sector across Europe. This was followed by working with an international CEO whom had run out of time to identify the Urgent from the Important – Here I stepped in as the functional lead across two departments to steady the business, build capability within the team and create space for decision making.

I love the enjoyment of working and helping multiple businesses across a variety of sectors, it is exciting, challenging and rewarding. As I look forward to the future I want to be simplifying businesses so that not only are there good work life balances, but also great decisions on the right areas of focus – so time, money and resources are not wasted.