The Portfolio Executives

Jonathan Cook

A picture of Jonathan Cook, A Portfolio Executive
  • Specialism: Non-exec director, board advisor, elected councillor; effective & adaptable leader across charity, commercial and public sector with experience of successful engagement in multinational & diverse areas, governance & critical oversight.
  • Track Record: Raleigh International; Anglo-Chilean Society; Cummings Law Ltd; London Borough of Wandsworth; Western Riverside Waste Authority; Formula E; Putney, Wandsworth & Clapham Junction Business Improvement Districts; South Thames College Group.
  • Offer: I’ve worked in complex multi-stakeholder environments, often volatile and uncertain, and have a track record of resolving problems & adding value. Broad cultural experience, and issues across wide economic range from homelessness and rough sleeping, to housing policy, local government & community safety. Committed to effective governance, and responding to and respecting regulation, formal and non-formal. Experienced at handling challenging situations, often under public & media scrutiny.
  • Jonathan says: “”I bring experience across the non-profit, commercial, and public sector worlds to bear on problems and their resolution – I thrive on that variety and new challenge””
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The almost infinite variety of circumstances and challenges, a certain freedom to assemble roles, constantly evolving and learning new skills along the way were all great motivators for me to become a Portfolio Executive.

As I started out Charles McLachlan was key, not least in helping me understand that I’d been successfully managing a portfolio career for some years ! Charles helped focus on what had grown organically, and bring a new focus to developing that for the future.

Successfully combining running a law firm, from foundation through to sale after 14 years, with being a senior London councillor – proved this was possible as a workstyle.

I have learnt a huge amount along the way, and that learning continues. Above all I’ve learnt to keep an open mind to where opportunities may lie, the power of collaboration, and creativity that comes from it, and the linkages between seemingly unconnected things.

More than ever I thrive on variety, the stimulation of novel situations and new challenges, making a difference in resolving problems and finding solutions. In many ways life feels more interesting than ever and I am looking forward to the future of continuing along this path (or paths?) assembling a portfolio of roles and finding opportunities to create, contribute and learn.