The Portfolio Executives

Jennifer Peart

Jennifer Peart
  • Specialism: Commercialising innovation, Integrated Marketing, Product Marketing, Agile Product Management
  • Track Record: The Access Group, Auction Technology Group, Xenzone, McGraw-Hill Education, Nominet, Equifax, UKHO, Intuit, WPF Therapy
  • Offer: Organisations have very different product management, marketing and commercial needs depending upon the maturity of their industry, growth targets and their development lifecycle. Clockspeed will work with you to define strategies, commercial programmes and to optimise processes and structures.
  • Jennifer says: “Knowing your life cycle will put you ahead of the pack. ClockSpeed will work with you to help you define and execute the right strategy for your particular lifecycle stage.”
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Primarily, it was the flexibility and freedom that a portfolio career provides that motivated me to explore this workstyle. However, as I have undertaken more portfolio work, I have been motivated by the ability to help a wide range of organisations, which continues to challenge me and provide interest.

I got started more by circumstance and opportunity rather than deliberate intent! I left a director role and was undecided as to what role I wanted to undertake next.  Whilst thinking about my next career move, an MD with whom I had worked previously, asked if I could assist on a project. I was then approached by a number of other colleagues with whom I had worked and my portfolio approach to work began.

The shape of my early portfolio career was quite varied working with a number of organisations at one time.

I’ve learnt that no matter how experienced you are, by working with a vast array of organisations, individuals and across a range of sectors you will always continue to learn and grow.

Given the uncertainties of the current climate we are in, the Portfolio Executive workstyle provides me with an element of control over my personal environment. Looking to the future I hope that I can continue to deliver to my existing clients and to also be able to meet and engage with more clients and continue to challenge myself.