The Portfolio Executives

Jeff Krehmer, P.Eng., CSWP

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  • Specialism: Mechanical Engineering, 3D Solid Modeling, Finite Element Analysis, Engineering Drawings, Rapid Prototyping, New Product Design and Development
  • Track Record: SolidWorks Certified Support Technician with Automated Design Systems, Project Manager with Ucanu Manufacturing, Senior Engineer at Control Technology Inc., Lead Engineer for PyraFARM, President and Chief Engineer with Big Time Engineering Corp.
  • Offer: I take products ideas from conception through prototyping and on through to production. As well as assisting clients with grant applications, domestic and international product certifications, and developing company processes, such as work instructions through to quality programs. I also use expansive engineering knowledge to improve upon clients’ vision and develop innovative products.
  • Jeff says: “Outside of the container thinking.”
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I’ve realized for a long time that, whether I was working as an employee or running my own business, I was in fact “self-employed.” My father was a hard-working entrepreneur, so to some extent, independent hard work was part of my inheritance and I’ve always liked the idea of working for my own company, being my own boss. When considering adopting the Portfolio Executive workstyle, I did my own little “risk-reward analysis” and the potential rewards outweighed the risks.

When I was laid off because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was looking for comparable employment opportunities, but I also was investing in training and working on developing my business. I was able to participate in the Employment Insurance “Self-Employment Program,” which was very helpful in teaching me about aspects of business that I didn’t have much experience with, such as book keeping, and on-line marketing.

My first success came about by working with one of my friends who works in the movie industry designing and building props. They needed some engineering analysis for a structure to ensure that it was safe for people to act from. It was a fun experience and I was able to learn a fair bit about the industry. I’ve gone on to do work in the Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturing, Industrial Tools, Pressure Equipment and Agricultural Industries.

Along the way I have learnt that persistence pays off. It took a long time to get the business up and running, but I currently have several clients that I expect I will be working with for years to come. It’s important to have work-life balance and to take care of the essentials, such as your health and your family.

I also have the ability to work on developing my own invention ideas and I’ve written a book, “Infinite Resources,” which I expect will bring new opportunities. Being a Portfolio Executive allows you to make your own schedule and live the life you want to. It’s still a lot of work, but it’s work that I enjoy, and that makes all the difference.

Currently, I’m working on developing some ideas that will have positive global effects if implemented. It sounds too good to be true, but I believe that it is possible to supply abundant renewable energy (in the form of electricity which can be used to produce hydrogen or ammonia) and the only by-products would be potable water which can be delivered around the world. The technology will also open up vast areas to new agriculture and aquaculture. For more information visit: