The Portfolio Executives

Jason Soars

  • Specialism: Portfolio Finance Director
  • Track Record: Andersens (Corporate Restructuring), Phones4u, Freelance
  • Offer: I offer part time Finance Director services
  • Jason says: “Come for the numbers, stay for the strategy”
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I was motivated by two things to become a Portfolio Executive. Firstly, as a Portfolio Executive I get to actually help small businesses succeed, my advice has a real and usually significant impact. Secondly, the work life balance, I can work the days I choose and manage my life.

I feel like I have always been on this course, ever since I was in my late 20s. Friends and family would call me and ask me for advice or to be involved in various projects, so when I reached the right point in my life it was the obvious thing to do. My first success was in arranging the sale of a crane rental company. It had been purchased, just before I got involved and just before Covid, the circumstances were very challenging but I was able to help keep the business together and arrange a sale, where all the stakeholders got their full investment back.

In my experience so far I have learned that I am not in charge, I am there to offer advice, my clients do not have to listen to it – I need to work with them in their way, at their pace. Oh, and choose your clients carefully!

Being a Portfolio Executive is working really well for me right now, my clients are growing and succeeding, I have a great sense of achievement, I get the time I need to do the things I want and I get to meet and work with great people. As I look to the future I hope for more success for me and my clients.