The Portfolio Executives

James Riddiough

A picture of James Riddiough, A Portfolio Executive
  • Specialism: Valuations, cross-border advisory, due diligence, acting as expert witness
  • Track Record: Smith and Williamson, PwC, Deutsche Bank, EY
  • Offer: Valuation and what drives it is at the core of all that I do. I value companies going through periods of change for reasons as diverse as the issue of shares and share options, divorce and litigation. Company valuations in connection with M&A activity and the associated Due Diligence surrounding the levers of value assist vendors and purchasers to understand the pricing drivers. I act as expert witness and shadow expert
  • James says: “My starting point is to get under the skin of the company”
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I have valued the inputs and challenges I have received, which have helped me grow into a successful independent adviser with a clear vision. I started with no clear plan or focus and was encouraged to build a clear strategy about marketing my services.

It felt like a real turning point and my first success when I first said no to a potential client because I didn’t think that it was a good fit for me.

Along the way I have learnt to be clear about the message – that I offer valuation services which are constantly reinforced by hands-on advisory experience which means that the valuation reflects the requirements of the relevant stakeholders.

I have been encouraged to work on my marketing strategy in parallel to service delivery.  I have taken on 2 employees in the middle of lockdown to cope with the opportunities afforded by the pandemic. It’s working well currently!

I hope to provide additional services which complement and extend the valuation services through additional employees or strategic partnerships.