The Portfolio Executives

Fiona Spence

A picture of Fiona Spence, A Portfolio Executive
  • Specialism: PR Marketing & Business Development
  • Track Record: De Beers, Graff Diamonds, Freelance for range of jewellery, technology, mentoring and diversity & inclusion companies
  • Offer: Providing business development support through LI and database campaigns
  • Fiona says: “Helping and supporting small companies to build awareness and grow”
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My initial motiviation for becoming a Portfolio Executive was the sharing of experiences – be it the highs and lows – of being a freelance consultant.  

After my second redundancy in 2008 and being unable to find another full-time position I had no choice but to go it alone.  A good network of friends and ex colleagues gave me confidence and helped me on my journey.  I haven’t looked back despite some eeek moments.

In the early days when helping a teaching friend with seminars and presentations it transpired my PR and Marketing background for large organisations was a great asset and I was invited to teach a PR & Marketing module at the College. Something I had never done before but real world experience in this case was beneficial.  This position lasted a few months and set up me up for future assignments.

It has become apparent as i’ve adapted to this workstyle that my skills are transferrable to any industry.  I thought I was stuck with a luxury jewellery background but the teaching assignment led to a postion with a technology firm and now I have a wide range of clients from very different industries.

As some friends reach retirement from their PAYE jobs and are wondering what they’ll do next especially with age bias, etc. I realise that many years ago I unwittingly set my self up with a pattern of differing clients and today I work with small clients with the freedom of leisuretime.

As I continue and look to the future I hope to continue maintaining a small group of clients and see how they grow and develop.