The Portfolio Executives

Derek McCracken

Derek McKracken
  • Specialism: Providing Strategic Operational cross sector support to manufacturing and service companies
  • Track Record: Trading for 20 years as DJ McCracken providing interim support to organisations in aviation, medical, defence, marine, packaging and construction
  • Offer: I partner with CEO’s and MD’s providing support to the operations function. I work closely with the operations and associated teams providing support and direction through change and growth challenges
  • Derek says: “Making change happen through people”
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Having had the privilege of being a successful interim manager with some 30+ assignments  spanning over 20 years, I felt the time was right to take this experience and partner with a small select number of organisations through the portfolio concept.  The idea of supporting a small number of client companies simultaneously has always appealed to me.

I came across Charles McLachlan’s posts on Linkedin and these certainly made me think more about putting actions to my thoughts.  I made contact and began the journey of transition.

My first success was a previous client who knew me from my interim management days.  The Portfolio Executive approach required me to re-position myself from this client’s perspective but the previously established relationship enabled me to make a transition in terms of time allocated and benefit.

Having worked extensively as an interim manager in a wide range of roles, learning to be adaptable and agile has benefited me as I moved towards a portfolio approach. Re-positioning my thinking from being known as a successful results-driven Interim Manager to becoming a successful benefit-orientated Portfolio Executive has been my single biggest challenge.

Experience is experience, and learning to see the value proposition from a different perspective has been extremely beneficial for me, and has allowed me to be successful in transition to the Portfolio Executive workstyle.

Looking to the future, I would like to consider associated support options, online and in person, for managers in my area of expertise. My passion is to see potential leaders of the future emerge.