The Portfolio Executives

David Todman

David Todman
  • Specialism: International Sales and Channel management, Strategic Marketing BtoB
  • Track Record: Alfa Laval , ITT, APV Invensys, Gates Rubber Co. Inc.
  • Offer: International Sales, Strategic Marketing, Marketing Planning, Brand and Culture alignment, Export Channel Management, International Market Research.
  • David says: “I bring strong international experience and down to earth execution”
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I was motivated to become a Portfolio Executive in order to broaden the awareness of my services and to be aligned with a highly professional and successful group of senior managers. Initially, I took up an invitation from a student whom I had tutored in their Post Grad Marketing qualification, to mentor them in a new role as MD of an Engineering SME in 2011.

My first success was a project to enter Chinese and Indian Markets for an engineering business; helping them find the right routes to market, make the right appointments and define the key target cutomers.

Along the way I have learned to ensure that the complete Board or Management Group fully understand the process and challenges any project has and also to ensure that trust is developed and execution meets their needs.

Regular Engagement within the Engineering sector (both large and SME) is really working for me to ensure that I’m building relationships and receiving enquiries about my what I offer with the Portfolio Executive workstyle. I’m looking forward to continuing to build these relationships to spread awareness as I move forward with this workstyle.