The Portfolio Executives

David Newman - ALUMNUS

Corporate Photographer London
  • Specialism: Project, Programme and Change Management
  • Track Record: Multiplex Construction, Network Rail, Manchester Airports Group, Atos, Fujitsu Services, Action for Children, Reuters, NatWest Bank
  • Offer: I help organisations establish a strong project, programme and change capability, enabling successful change initiatives that create value and achieve strategic objectives.
  • David says: “I’m passionate about implementing change well, and especially the use of projects and programmes to bring about beneficial change in, and through, organisations of all types and sizes.”
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During 2020 I was in a full-time permanent role but thinking a lot about changing my working life, working part-time and developing a consultancy business. In December 2020 I was introduced to Charles McLachlan and heard about the Portfolio Executive workstyle, which seemed to fit well with what I wanted to do.

I quit my permanent role in December 2020 after circumstances at work came together to encourage me to make the leap into the unknown! I was really starting from scratch and Charles helped me to redefine my focus, develop my offering and build the tools I needed to engage potential clients.

At the time of writing, I am still on a big learning curve (to put it mildly) and wouldn’t say I have got anything fully learnt yet, but I am learning a lot about researching leads, sales, consulting and using LinkedIn to my advantage, and am looking to build the number of clients I am working with over the next few months.