The Portfolio Executives

Chris Harding

Picture of Chris Harding, A Portfolio Executive
  • Specialism: Leader, Team & Business Transformation
  • Track Record: Global COO Credit Suisse, COO ABN Amro Asset Management, WSI Digital Marketing Consultant, Resonate since 2008
  • Offer: The Business GameChanger – I help leaders & teams to see, think and do more effectively – unlocking their true potential in life – building companies that have momentum, impact and the rewards that go with it.
  • Chris says: “While most people settle for more of the same, the smart people build momentum from the inside out.”
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In 2008, I started to obsess about the reasons 80% of companies struggle to unlock their true potential.

When I commenced my Portfolio Executive journey, I started with a digital marketing offer because everyone wants to know “how to get more sales” but it wasn’t enough to bring about real transformation.

Over time, working with more than 100 business leaders and teams on what’s holding them back, I mapped the challenges from the outside in, showing why the conventional approaches to life and business will only get you so far.

One really important thing i’ve learnt is that you can ignore the inner work, and many do, but I have proven over and over again that the inside out transformation makes you unstoppable.

Looking forward, I am currently capturing this mindset and approach in a new book that I am hoping to launch in Q1 2021. My grand vision is that my ideas will help people rediscover what work and business is really for in the grand adventure of life. One at a time and together we will courageously challenge the prevailing economic systems until it works for all rather than just a few.