Adrian Leatherland of The Portfolio Executives

Adrian Leatherland

  • Specialism: Sales and Business Development for the aviation and aerospace sectors.
  • Track Record: Group Business Development Manager at Qualitair Aviation Group; Head of Business Development at Linea Resourcing; Resource Group; Midlands Aerospace Alliance
  • Offer: Professional Business Development for Aviation and Aerospace including Sales Strategy Development; Outsourcing Sales Operations; Trade Show support; Representation for Companies outside the UK; Market sector assessments; Feasibility Studies / Business Plan Development; Project Management; Training Centre projects.
  • Adrian says: "Aero BD will work with you to provide professional business development for Aviation and Aerospace"
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A picture of Kim Pearson, A Portfolio Executive

Kim Pearson

  • Specialism: Finance leadership.
  • Track Record: Ernst Young, Natwest, DHL.
  • Offer: Profit Specialist, bringing forensic analysis and detailed reporting to strengthen the company financial activity
  • Kim says: "I release CEO's into their passions and grow the business safely."
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Picture of Chris Harding, A Portfolio Executive

Chris Harding

  • Specialism: Leader, Team & Business Transformation
  • Track Record: Global COO Credit Suisse, COO ABN Amro Asset Management, WSI Digital Marketing Consultant, Resonate since 2008
  • Offer: The Business GameChanger - I help leaders & teams to see, think and do more effectively - unlocking their true potential in life - building companies that have momentum, impact and the rewards that go with it.
  • Chris says: "While most people settle for more of the same, the smart people build momentum from the inside out."
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Nick Griffith

  • Specialism: Lead Generation Expert, Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation.
  • Track Record: Future Perfect, SW Clinics, AS Associates, MindSpace Coaching, Accenture, Aviva.
  • Offer: I design, build and manage marketing solutions which increase enquiries, at low costs. I work with small business owners across multiple sectors from B2B and B2C. Solutions include engagement quizzes, traffic generation from Ads and building follow up funnels to increase conversions into sales.
  • Nick says: "I build solutions that help you create more new enquiries from your budget. I take nothing upfront - subscription only starts once results start coming in. It's a no-brainer."
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Derek McCracken

  • Specialism: Providing Strategic Operational cross sector support to manufacturing and service companies
  • Track Record: Trading for 20 years as DJ McCracken providing interim support to organisations in aviation, medical, defence, marine, packaging and construction
  • Offer: I partner with CEO's and MD's providing support to the operations function. I work closely with the operations and associated teams providing support and direction through change and growth challenges
  • Derek says: "Making change happen through people"
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Picture of Peter Bricknell, A Portfolio Executive

Peter Bricknell

  • Specialism: IT Advisory, Programme Definition, Product Strategy, Product Management, Leadership Development
  • Track Record: Previously worked with organisations like Microsoft, the Bank of England, Santander, B&Q and others.
  • Offer: Help businesses define and shape their product portfolio to meet customer needs and provide a profitable business.
  • Peter says: "I help CEOs get a grip of their product portfolio and build the capability to deliver stronger commercial success."
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Jason Soars

  • Specialism: Portfolio Finance Director
  • Track Record: Andersens (Corporate Restructuring), Phones4u, Freelance
  • Offer: I offer part time Finance Director services
  • Jason says: "Come for the numbers, stay for the strategy"
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Mark Peers

  • Specialism: International strategy development, leadership team development, commercial sales, operations management, business management, supply chain optimisation, market analysis, and financial stewardship.
  • Track Record: President/CEO of Intelligent Inventory Management at SupplyPoint/Touchpoint, Value Added Services Director at Brammer/Rubix, Premier Farnell, Travis Perkins, BSS Group, Buck & Hickman
  • Offer: Working with businesses and leadership teams to make a difference operationally, commercially and with your people ensuring all parties benefit from the world of business (Stakeholders, Customers, Suppliers and Employees).
  • Mark says: "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" from Leonardo da Vinci - so true."
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Raphael Benhamou

  • Specialism: Finance, Strategy and Operations for all industries (mostly at the startup and SME level)
  • Track Record: Advisor at EY (in Risk, Data Analytics, RPA and Regulation and Compliance) and a boutique consulting company (doing strategy, valuation, finance/investment and operational optimisation). As an employee, I worked on projects with Rio Tinto, MOD (UK, Australia and Israel), ICL, CyberArk, Teva, VISA, Adama (and many others) across all the aforementioned services. As an independent, I've worked with 80+ startups (pre-seed to Series C) and small businesses on FP&A projects and as Fractional CFO.
  • Offer: Fractional CFO/COO to startups and small business across any industry. If you're in need of financial or operational management, or strategic planning support, that's where I come in.
  • Raphael says: "I will help you manage your growth and finances, and give you the tools and advice you need to reach your goals"
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Andy Hamer

  • Specialism: Sales, Marketing, Commercial, Product Management and Operations
  • Track Record: Archdesk, XYZ Reality, Bentley Systems, Invicara, Xinaps, CodeBook, Global Silicon, Informa, Wong's Electronics, Equant, Toshiba, Strategy Analytics, Marconi
  • Offer: I work with technology businesses who want to grow and scale, by commercialising their business operations, products and services.
  • Andy says: "Based on my decades of experience of commercialising disruptive technologies, I help others to achieve success by avoiding mistakes."
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Picture of Peter Baynes

Peter Baynes

  • Specialism: Marketing advisor, mentor and trainer, helping build your marketing capability
  • Track Record: I work with mostly technical and consultancy companies serving niche markets. As a business partner in a marketing agency, I helped IBM and Microsoft value added resellers develop effective marketing programmes.
  • Offer: Through a series of workshops and guided programmes, coupled with ongoing mentoring and advice, I help business owners develop the marketing capability to step-up to their next level of growth.
  • Peter says: "If you are uncertain about how you can scale up and maintain marketing momentum, I can help you plan and priortise your marketing investment."
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Andrew Jenkins of The Portfolio Executives

Andrew Jenkins

  • Specialism: Business growth through People & Operations Projects
  • Track Record: Chartered Engineer, Allied Domecq, 3i Group plc, PDX & PDQ, InspiredCEOs
  • Offer: Strategic and practical roll your sleeves up approach to help Leaders, Teams and Business Operations to shift gears and rev up business engines in a rapidly changing world
  • Andrew says: "It's not just about what you do that counts, but how successfully you can work together to create business change "
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A picture of Jennifer Peart, A Portfolio Executive

Jennifer Peart

  • Specialism: Commercialising innovation, Integrated Marketing, Product Marketing, Agile Product Management
  • Track Record: The Access Group, Auction Technology Group, Xenzone, McGraw-Hill Education, Nominet, Equifax, UKHO, Intuit, WPF Therapy
  • Offer: Organisations have very different product management, marketing and commercial needs depending upon the maturity of their industry, growth targets and their development lifecycle. Clockspeed will work with you to define strategies, commercial programmes and to optimise processes and structures.
  • Jennifer says: "Knowing your life cycle will put you ahead of the pack. ClockSpeed will work with you to help you define and execute the right strategy for your particular lifecycle stage."
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Jeff Krehmer, P.Eng., CSWP

  • Specialism: Mechanical Engineering, 3D Solid Modeling, Finite Element Analysis, Engineering Drawings, Rapid Prototyping, New Product Design and Development
  • Track Record: SolidWorks Certified Support Technician with Automated Design Systems, Project Manager with Ucanu Manufacturing, Senior Engineer at Control Technology Inc., Lead Engineer for PyraFARM, President and Chief Engineer with Big Time Engineering Corp.
  • Offer: I take products ideas from conception through prototyping and on through to production. As well as assisting clients with grant applications, domestic and international product certifications, and developing company processes, such as work instructions through to quality programs. I also use expansive engineering knowledge to improve upon clients' vision and develop innovative products.
  • Jeff says: "Outside of the container thinking."
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A picture of Clare Richmond, A Portfolio Executive

Clare Richmond

  • Specialism: Award winning Speaker. Coach. Consultant. Working with leaders and their teams to release their hidden potential, increase productivity, reduce turnover, ignite innovation and achieve far more with much less.
  • Track Record: CIPD, Tesco's, Saatchi & Saatchi, L&Q Housing Association, Westminster Council, London Metropolitan University, The Foundation, Haringey Council, Design for London
  • Offer: My speeches, coaching, training and consultancy work centre around harnessing the power of people to achieve far more with much less; offering practical tips on how individuals and organisations can make a big difference through small actions. We already have what we need we just need to release it.
  • Clare says: "I believe people are capable of far more with very much less given the right conditions - I help leaders create those conditions to transform business and communities. My experience in grassroots innovation has given me a unique perspective on how to achieve this. " Clare has the ability to bring people together to develop a shared vision, and get real practical changes to transform not only a commercial operation, but any community" Bernard Marshall Change Advisor, Commonwealth Secretariat. "
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A picture of Iain Price, A Portfolio Executive

Iain Price

  • Specialism: Coaching, training & consultancy all with the brain in mind: the neuroscience of leadership.
  • Track Record: BBC, NHS, PeopleUntapped, Talent4performance, Speakers Trust, VDS-Training, Pobl Group
  • Offer: I work with business leaders and teams to unlock their thinking and communication to surpass their needs: to enable them to thrive through challenge. I do this by using a fusion of contemporary applied neuroscience, psychometric and executive coaching approaches - combined with my experience of working with diverse groups on their cognitive performance that includes Paralympians and Olympians.
  • Iain says: "Unlocking your mind to your greatness."
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Rob Kerner

  • Specialism: Fractional COO for scale-up tech businesses
  • Track Record: F-14 pilot in the US Navy for 10 years, 13 years in corporate roles (Strategy/Innovation, Finance, Marketing, Operations), 8 start-ups (all roles), lived and worked in US, Spain and the UK.
  • Offer: I tend to work with company founders to help them make the best business and investment decisions to scale the business to the next level. I love businesses that have a proven idea and need to figure out how to scale it. Also, I am glad to roll up my sleeves from time to time to get things done if that is what is needed.
  • Rob says: "I bring a combination of knowing how to do things in big firms with real life experience making things happen at small firms."
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A picture of James Riddiough, A Portfolio Executive

James Riddiough

  • Specialism: Valuations, cross-border advisory, due diligence, acting as expert witness
  • Track Record: Smith and Williamson, PwC, Deutsche Bank, EY
  • Offer: Valuation and what drives it is at the core of all that I do. I value companies going through periods of change for reasons as diverse as the issue of shares and share options, divorce and litigation. Company valuations in connection with M&A activity and the associated Due Diligence surrounding the levers of value assist vendors and purchasers to understand the pricing drivers. I act as expert witness and shadow expert
  • James says: "My starting point is to get under the skin of the company"
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A photo of Jonathan Ebbsworth A Portfolio Executive

Jonathan Ebsworth

  • Specialism: Digital Innovation, IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Technology Ethics
  • Track Record: ERM, Arriva Europe , Hackett Group, 4.2.20 Foundation
  • Offer: Helping business unlock growth opportunities by blending human-centred design with established strategic and operational tools to overcome the most intractable challenges.
  • Jonathan says: "Equipping business to combine Strategic, Digital and Human perspectives to adopt and use new technology effectively and ethically."
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Becky Williams

  • Specialism: CIMA member in practice(Chartered Global Management Accountant in practice), Finance Function and Strategic Development consultancy covering M&A, Transformation, PMO and outsourced and in-house finance operations
  • Track Record: Viridor, SIG Plc, Sk Sales Ltd, Canaf Investments, OCS, BTP, TfL, Network Rail
  • Offer: Strategic Finance Director services partnering with the CEO and Senior Executive team delivering and tracking change programmes including M&A, business turnaround and transformation, finance function management, and PMO activities
  • Becky says: "Success for me is being considered a valued member of the leadership team, supporting with the strategic decision making and being approached to provide advice and assistance as and when required"
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Emma Ives

  • Specialism: Fundraising and communications - That's everything from strategy and planning, organisational budgets, right the way through to grant fundraising, event fundraising, individual fundraising and communications including social media in the Charity Sector.
  • Track Record: Mission Aviation Fellowship, Habitat For Humanity, Samaritans Purse, Spurgeons Children's Charity, Scripture Union, Reach Community Projects and Salvation Army.
  • Offer: I conduct a fundraising and communications audit, to understand the current picture. Using, for example a SWAT analysis, to identify strengths and weaknesses we would then work together to develop a strategy and a plan and develop budgets appropriate to that.

    I help clients to think longer term because sometimes I find clients have unrealistic expectations about what they are going to achieve in a particular time frame and sometimes they need to extend that beyond one year to three or five years, so I help them with that as well.

    Once we've got those parameters in place I then either coach their existing staff, or indeed volunteers, if they've got those capabilities in house. If they haven't I, or one of my team will, support them to do that work until they're at the point where they can afford to pay for someone to come in house and do it. It's all about capacity building longer term.
  • Emma says: "I help small Christian charities by building their capacity to enable them to grow beyond what they would be able to do on their own. "
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David Lusk

  • Specialism: I have a pretty extensive background in the technology. Lots of software, manufacturing and platforms like Veeam, which is a software plugin, they were a VMware partner.
  • Track Record: Elavon, which sold Fintech services, I deployed a comprehensive onboarding and sales development strategy with them that got followed up into the bank eventually. Huthwaite, Teradata, U.S. Bank, Micro Strategy
  • Offer: The key differentiator we use is that I use data and a lot of behavioural science in the programming and coaching that I do, so the behaviour sticks and the transformation is a little bit more thorough and complete. It's not encouraging somebody just to think positively, but it's showing them how to take action on those thoughts that makes a difference. I'm a learning specialist as well, so I understand how people learn and how to reinforce it.
  • David says: "I lead, coach, train and motivate sales teams. I usually come alongside an executive leader and help them execute their strategy."
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A picture of Fiona Spence, A Portfolio Executive

Fiona Spence

  • Specialism: PR Marketing & Business Development
  • Track Record: De Beers, Graff Diamonds, Freelance for range of jewellery, technology, mentoring and diversity & inclusion companies
  • Offer: Providing business development support through LI and database campaigns
  • Fiona says: "Helping and supporting small companies to build awareness and grow"
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A picture of Jonathan Cook, A Portfolio Executive

Jonathan Cook

  • Specialism: Non-exec director, board advisor, elected councillor; effective & adaptable leader across charity, commercial and public sector with experience of successful engagement in multinational & diverse areas, governance & critical oversight.
  • Track Record: Raleigh International; Anglo-Chilean Society; Cummings Law Ltd; London Borough of Wandsworth; Western Riverside Waste Authority; Formula E; Putney, Wandsworth & Clapham Junction Business Improvement Districts; South Thames College Group.
  • Offer: I've worked in complex multi-stakeholder environments, often volatile and uncertain, and have a track record of resolving problems & adding value. Broad cultural experience, and issues across wide economic range from homelessness and rough sleeping, to housing policy, local government & community safety. Committed to effective governance, and responding to and respecting regulation, formal and non-formal. Experienced at handling challenging situations, often under public & media scrutiny.
  • Jonathan says: ""I bring experience across the non-profit, commercial, and public sector worlds to bear on problems and their resolution - I thrive on that variety and new challenge""
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Rob Nicholls

  • Specialism: Strategic Advisor, CFO/FD & NED to SME looking to expand margins, improve profitability, increase sales and to create value
  • Track Record: FD Motorola Middle East, Africa & Northern Europe, FD Space & Satellite Division, CFO Cullinan Studio, CFO & Strategic Advisor West Country Tech, CFO & Strategic Advisor Dr Logic
  • Offer: I help business and leadership team to scale, improve margins & profitability, expand into new markets and create value to enable successful exits. I partner with Business Leaders seeking to grow through innovative strategies, partnerships & collaboration. Helping business to achieve their mission & vision and enabling SME owners to do more of what they want to whilst scaling great businesses.
  • Rob says: "Partnering with to you scale your business, create value through expanded margins & profits, to enable business success"
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A picture of Paul Hewitt, A Portfolio Executive

Paul Hewitt

  • Specialism: Growth Strategy; Marketing & Business Develoment; Partnerships; Luxury Brands; Insights into High Net Worth Clients
  • Track Record: LVMH; Christie's; Jardine Matheson; Art Dubai; Rusthall Lodge Care Home
  • Offer: Business Advisory - setting and, when appropriate, delivering sustainable growth strategies strategies ; Good Governence
  • Paul says: "I help companies and organisations build resilience by identifying new opportunities"
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A picture of Andrew MacPhee

Andrew MacPhee

  • Specialism: Bidding and bid management, winning work, identifying funding, skills, apprenticeships
  • Track Record: Instep UK, Cambridge Spark, The JGA Group, LDN Apprenticeships, Just IT Training
  • Offer: If you want to supply services to the public sector or large corporates, many times, you'll need to submit a proposal or respond to a tender. Our work makes sure your submission is the best it can be - clearly and compellingly communicating your message and value to potential clients. Our consultancy helps position your organisation to take advantage of new funding opportunities and markets.
  • Andrew says: "It's not enough to simply be good at something: you must be able to communicate your value clearly and compellingly in a structured way to win public sector and corporate contracts."
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Robin Davis

  • Specialism: Leadership Impacts (using The GC Index®), Strategy, Governance, Operating Models, Architecture, Frameworks, Risk, Continuous Improvement | Assessment, Improvement, Transformation
  • Track Record: Fnality International, FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), DLG (Direct Line Group), Barclays Wealth, Tokio Marine, McDonald's, Debenhams, Accenture, BT, NHS, Lloyds Group, DWP, Microsoft, HMRC, JPMorgan
  • Offer: 1-2-1 BAU advisory to CIOs and/or their direct reports, which will include: • Facilitating the strategic debate • Aligning teams to common goals • Evaluating creative ideas through a strategic lens • Shaping actionable strategic plans • Facilitating the process of creativity and innovation • Delivering outcomes through collaboration
  • Robin says: "Whether you’re a start-up, small business or a large enterprise, it is important to have an end-to-end strategy, aligning Business and IT. Delivering that strategy is a balance of capabilities and maturity across the People, Process and Technology dimensions to achieve the intended outcomes. This takes consistent tuning: it is hard enough to play all the right notes, let alone play them in the right order. I will help you conduct and orchestrate."
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Picture of Torben Andersen, A Portfolio Executive

Torben Anderson

  • Specialism: Strategic Technology Consulting, Project Management, part-time Chief Technology Officer
  • Track Record: CJ Learning, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, RBS, BP, Arthur Andersen, Cognizant
  • Offer: We provide product and technology managers and executives, at a fraction of the cost of a full time person. Our mission is to help you remove barriers to growth, and help CEO's scale their business when you need it most. TECHNOLOGY DIRECTOR + PRODUCT DIRECTOR = RADICAL SCALING!
  • Torben says: "Breaking through your business growth traps with part-time Product and Technology Leadership"
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A picture of Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson

  • Specialism: Specialise in charities, foundations and social enterprises: Social impact, Strategic planning, Research & Evaluation, Outcomes frameworks, Managing & analysing data inc' CRM systems.
  • Track Record: Lloyds Bank Foundation, Greggs Foundation, Age UK, MIND, YMCA, Rape Crisis, Safe Families for Children and many more
  • Offer: Helping organisations to maximise their social impact, to 'do good better'. Mainly focussed on charity sector clients. Support also given to commercial sector clients with their CSR/Responsible Business efforts. Undertake strategic reviews and support leaders to become impact focussed, putting in place monitoring and evaluation frameworks that ensure reliability of impact reporting.
  • Matt says: ""Matt has an art for being able to unscramble an overload of information and turn it into a framework" Tracy Lynch, Director, Greggs Foundation"
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David Todman

  • Specialism: International Sales and Channel management, Strategic Marketing BtoB
  • Track Record: Alfa Laval , ITT, APV Invensys, Gates Rubber Co. Inc.
  • Offer: International Sales, Strategic Marketing, Marketing Planning, Brand and Culture alignment, Export Channel Management, International Market Research.
  • David says: "I bring strong international experience and down to earth execution"
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A picture of Hannah Miller, A Portfolio Executive

Hannah Miller – ALUMNUS

  • Specialism: Strengths Coach, Team Development, BP10 Coach, Speaking and Training , Engagement
  • Track Record: Autodesk, Vistage, HUSCO, giffgaff, The University of Birmingham, MQ Mental Health, NHS
  • Offer: Team development, 1:1 coaching, Workshops, Public Speaking
  • Hannah says: "I use strengths-based coaching to illuminate your path to becoming an exceptional leader or a thriving team"
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Picture of Rachel Barford, A Portfolio Executive

Rachel Barford – ALUMNUS

  • Specialism: Business Administration, Project Management, Coaching, Quality Assurance and Improvement
  • Track Record: De Montfort University, Destiny Coaching Ministries, CJ Learning Technologies, FuturePerfect Company
  • Offer: Build, develop and implement administrative processes to take away the administrative burden from business owners. Taking oversight for the administrative function, I help organisations to operate in a streamlined and efficient manner, providing excellent customer experience and peace of mind for the business owners. Ability to find flexible solutions to issues and use processes to prevent issues developing.
  • Rachel says: "I bring hope and freedom to the way your business operates"
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A picture of Steve Parr, A Portfolio Executive

Steve Parr – ALUMNUS

  • Specialism: Medtech, healthcare, d-health, business growth, R&D grant funding, B2B sales, CEO/Board advice and sounding board, market access, unparalleled senior network, company funding, business development
  • Track Record: NHS, SBRI Healthcare, Wessex AHSN, Serco Consulting, Equiteq, many leading specialist tech SMEs and consultancies
  • Offer: Strategic growth planning and execution, CxO coaching, challenge and mentoring, sales planning and execution, value propositions and the Go-to-Market, raising investment funding
  • Steve says: ""If you're looking to grow your (B2B) SME rapidly and profitably, we should probably have a chat.""
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David Newman – ALUMNUS

  • Specialism: Project, Programme and Change Management
  • Track Record: Multiplex Construction, Network Rail, Manchester Airports Group, Atos, Fujitsu Services, Action for Children, Reuters, NatWest Bank
  • Offer: I help organisations establish a strong project, programme and change capability, enabling successful change initiatives that create value and achieve strategic objectives.
  • David says: "I’m passionate about implementing change well, and especially the use of projects and programmes to bring about beneficial change in, and through, organisations of all types and sizes."
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Amar Rajani

  • Specialism: I manage every aspect of the product and business sales process including new business development, turnaround of under-performing businesses and new product generation.
  • Track Record: Citi (Corporate Banker); Bloomberg (product management, business development, strategy and innovation) and Argella (advisory support).
  • Offer: Advisory support and expertise to businesses of all sizes - from helping start-ups to scale, to supporting digital and data-led transformation. I have a strong record in successfully growing tech businesses and positioning products for businesses across sectors, including SaaS, fintech, financial services and data-driven businesses. I’m well known as a technology specialist with expertise in capital markets, investment management, corporations and research.
  • Amar says: "I advise and advance inspiring businesses."
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